About Mark Anthony

I prefer not to speak of myself in the third person so I won't. I am on an ever-going quest to know who I am. I don't particularly care for TV. I like to learn new things. I find that I am drawn to difficult problems and subjects. This may explain my affinity for people and sociological dilemmas that arise within communities. Which is why I find myself consistently involved with community based projects and volunteering my abilities to help others.

I enjoy movies for they help me escape reality for a short time and show me a different perspective. Although all of life's inconsistencies fascinate and inspire me, I find that humans are my one true love. I see the beauty in people that they sometimes do not see in themselves. Through this journey of life that we undertake, we sometimes do not stop and look at the beauty and teachings that each individual brings to our path. In contrast, we tend to focus extensively on the negative preconceived ideas with which beauty and wisdom seem to stem. When I
paint a portrait or figure, I view the absolute rawness and splendor which each person brings.

I have lived all over the United States and US territories, and have had numerous jobs. Through the many colorful landscapes of my jobs, I have came across a diversity of people. As well as having studied and had tutelage under various proficient fine artists and schools , I feel that it has no bearing on what I am trying to achieve in my art career. So having an extensive "resume" will just bore you as well as me. Therefore, I will give you a basic summary of my background.... From executing portraiture, posters for bands and musicians, painting murals for commercial, government and residential clients,as well as painted furniture, backdrops for theater and patenting my own line of painted stools to producing a music cable show, designing, painting and selling art at various music festivals, as well as, facilitating and helping to start various arts organizations. All which have
prepared me for the vast array of challenges of opening an establishment, that I hope will become an asset to the community and a catalyst for others.

I believe that I may not be the most talented artist out there, but I absolutely adore what I do, and know that a spiritual energy moves through me when I do it. I believe if you do what you love, then everything else in your life will follow through the right path.